The Artist Formerly Known As Ye Olde SteamOSe

SteamOS is now shipping, in beta form at least, and it's all cool and stuff.

Valve have now integrated most of the improvements from Ye Olde SteamOSe, such as BIOS and DVD support, into their installer. You can download it from here.

Stephenson's Rocket replaces the Ye Olde SteamOSe project by building back on Valve's installer with bug fixes and improvements - especially hardware support.

This kind of collaborative development demonstrates the power of Open Source - and remember, you can contribute to Stephenson's Rocket too! Click "View on GitHub" at the top of the screen to get started, and watch the development tutorial video linked below!


SteamOS running in VMWare Workstation 10

How to install?

Latest release: 2.49plus1 (released 2015-11-10)



To get started, download the torrent above.

Otherwise, clone this repo, and run

Installing from a DVD

Just burn the ISO to a blank DVD from your favourite tool, and boot it.

Installing from USB (Mac)

Open a Terminal window from the Utilities section of Applications.

Type "diskutil list" to get a list of devices - one of them will be your USB stick (e.g. /dev/disk2). Follow the Linux instructions below, with this /dev/rdiskX entry instead of /dev/sdX (please note the added "r"!)

Installing from USB (Linux)

As root (e.g. use "sudo") run "dd bs=1M if=/path/to/rocket.iso of=/dev/sdX" - sdX should be the USB stick device (check "dmesg" immediately after plugging it in, you should see the device. Be sure to use sdX, not sdX1 or sdX2. Then boot into the stick.

Installing from USB (Windows)

Download Win32 Disk Imager and use it to copy the .iso to your USB stick (1GB minimum size).

Once the installer is up...

Pick the "Automatic Install" option to wipe the first hard disk in your system and install SteamOS to it.

For more sophisticated booting - e.g. dual-boot or custom partition sizes - select the "Expert" option. Use of this mode is documented in the support video above.

Beyond that, just follow Valve's instructions from their site - Stephenson's Rocket should behave exactly like the real SteamOS, except it works on more systems

Known issues

How can I help?

Test it and report back to #steamos on Freenode.

Or support me by donating - Donate via PayPal, Steam, or Amazon. Donations will be used to help with testing - wifi adapters, hard disks, graphics cards, etc.

Version History

Special thanks:

Wouter Wijsman (sharkwouter) for his continued contributions.

Michael Waltz (ecliptik) for his contributions.

Anonymized benefactors for their sponsorship (~400 day VMware key; £60; 1 month reddit Gold; Shoot Many Robots game; Civ5 gold upgrade).

Various Valve engineers for their help. for awarding the top prize in their SteamOS modding contest to Ye Olde SteamOSe

Valve Software for their kind donation of a Steam Controller prototype

Collabora Ltd for their kind donation of 2 x 500GB hard disks for testing